Raju’s Chandoa Mon is released

Raju’s Chandoa Mon is released

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The song titled Chandoa Mon has been released which is the second of the Musical Album ‘Joler Agun’.

Such a dramatic metaphorical song ‘Chandoa Mon’ is written in a poetic mode where there is a watermark of proficiency in the use of the metaphor.

The loving past has happened to the beloved in the rendering of the Moon and the pathetic lament of a failed lover has appeared in the pitch of the River!

Regarding the release of the song, Musician Raju Chaqladar said, “Music is a medicine for the wounded mind. In mystery, music spreads color in the folds of the mind.”

The song is Written, Composed and Sung by Raju Chaqladar himself and Musical Arrangements are done by Rokon Emon. The video and animations are made by Tofael Ahmed Khan. The song has been released under the banner of ‘Velki Productions’ from the artist’s official YouTube channel Raju Chaqladar.

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